Life long learners

We believe it is important that our students develop the attributes to thrive in what will be a constantly changing world, such as risk taking, managing themselves, use of thinking skills etc.

Learning is engaging and fun

We believe it is important that our classroom lessons have:

  • Variety
  • Cater to learning styles
  • Have a purpose
  • Connect on a deeper level - powerful
  • And the class environment reflects the above points
  • 'Caring and stable family atmosphere'
We believe it is vitally important that our students and parents feel their school is a safe caring and sharing learning community with a strong family atmosphere.

We expect children to do their best

We believe it is very important that our students come to the realisation that it is their responsibility to do their personal best in whatever they undertake.

School Vision

Quality Teaching, Quality Learning

Mission Statement

Encourage all to aim high, do their best, be resilient, and have fun.

Values Statement

Caring, sharing and learning together.

We want our school to be aligned behind our Shared Vision, Values and our Teaching Beliefs.