Many of our students have been part of our four year old programme for up to a year before they commence school. This occurs on designated Friday afternoons from 1pm – 3pm. The programme provides the children with a chance to work and play alongside their future classmates as they become accustom to Netherby and to ensure a smooth transition to school. Parents are encouraged to come along as well to learn about classroom programmes, meet other parents and support their child.

To become eligible for the four year old programme, an enrolment form must be completed prior to attending.

Pre-Entry Days

The first 5 years of your child's life are almost the most important years of his/her life.  The input you have as parents will have a positive bearing on your child's entry into school life. Skills which will be helpful in making your child's transition to school smoother include:
  • undoing and doing up buttons, zips, shoelaces
  • going to the toilet independently
  • dressing and undressing themselves
  • managing pencils, crayons, scissors
  • managing their own lunchbox e.g. undoing glad wrap
  • recognising and write their name
  • knowing colours and alphabet letters

Talking about the stories that are read to him / her

Being able to do some of these things will help your child towards independence in the first months at school. Being positive and encouraging will dispel any fears or concerns about starting school.

Our new entrant teacher will contact you one month before your child's birthday. Pre-entry days will be arranged where your child can come to school and spend three or four mornings with his / her new class.  Here he / she will meet the teacher and classmates and participate in the morning's activities. He / she also brings lunch and spends part of lunchtime at school, going home about 1pm.

On the first pre-entry morning parents may stay for a while if they wish.  A second and third pre-entry morning follows on from this morning, leading up to the child's first day at school.  Having had some mornings at school, your child's first day should be a smooth transition. For the first six weeks, your child may finish at 2pm. Please discuss this with the new entrant teacher.

You are invited to meet our Principal either on pre-entry days or on your child's first day at school. This is a good time to ask any questions.  Enrolment forms and health forms are to be handed to the school office before the first pre-entry day.

Please bring along your child's birth certificate when you enrol.

Extra Information

When you are buying a school bag for your child please buy one big enough to accommodate all the things he/she will carry e.g. lunchbox, reading folder, swimming togs, library books, jacket.

Stationery is provided at school on your child’s first day at school.  An account will be given to you on this day.

Pre-school/New Entrant meetings are held twice a year for those parents with children who are starting school in the near future.