The school operates a safety check system to ensure all children sent to school arrive safely and are accounted for each day.  We ask that you contact school (ph 308 5799, text 027 7522 488) between 8.30 - 9.00am on the days your child is absent.

Additional Programmes

Ashburton Netherby School offers a wide range of additional learning opportunities including:
  • Reading Recovery
  • HELP Language Programme
  • Gifted and Talented
  • ICAS Exams
  • Learning support with Teacher Aides
  • Head Start programme for new entrants
  • School Council
  • House Captains
  • Sports teams - tee ball / slow pitch, Rippa Rugby, netball, miniball, winter tournament
  • Kapa haka group
  • Pasifika dance
  • Hip hop
  • Musical Instrument Tuition
  • P.M.P. (Perceptual Motor Programme) in the junior school
  • ESOL assistance for speakers of other languages

Board Of Trustees

The Board is responsible for the overall goverance, policy and strategic direction of the school. It is made up of elected parent / community representatives, a staff-elected representative and the Principal. Parents are most welcome to attend Board meetings, which occur twice a term.


Children under 10 who live more that 3.2 kms from their nearest school (4.8 kms if you are 10 years or older) are entitled to travel to Netherby by bus.

For enrolments and information please visit  www.mcsts.co.nz or get a form from the school office. There may be a charge for children living closer than the above distances.

Please ensure your children know how they are travelling home before they leave for school each day, so that the school is aware of bus children for whom other arrangements have been made on any particular day.

If you live outside of the Ashburton Netherby School Transport Entitlement Zone, reciprocal travel arrangements may need to exist between ANS and your local school, in order for your child to be transported from within another TEZ. If no such agreement is in place, parents will need to transport their child to the zone boundary to catch the bus.

Class Camps Trips And Visits

Our school organises regular trips as they relate to our classroom or school-wide programmes. These trips are funded by parents and parental permission is necessary.  A small number of parents are required to assist on these trips. Class or syndicate trips relating to topics being studied are undertaken throughout the year.

Parents are notified and will be asked to provide transport or assistance when necessary.  Parents transporting children must have a seat belt for each child, and cars must have a current WOF and registration


Communication is the key to a successful partnership between the home and school.  It is vital that you discuss any concerns with us at an early stage. Just ask the teacher to discuss your concerns with you. Your child’s teacher has regular staff and syndicate meetings each week.  Please make an appointment to discuss any matters with your child's teacher at a convenient time, preferably after 3pm. As well as fortnightly newsletters, teachers will send home notices advertising events.

Whenever there is a return slip, we appreciate this being returned on or before the due date.

Concerns And Complaints

Any complaints or questions should first be addressed to the staff member concerned.  In most cases you will find that this is the only person you need to contact.  However the school has a clear set of procedures you should follow if you feel your complaint has not been resolved satisfactorily.  Please approach the school at the first indication you are concerned, as small problems are easier to remedy early on when direct contact is made with the appropriate person. Often concerns are the result of misunderstandings, and can be quickly resolved once the necessary communication takes place.


Parents should ensure that children cycling to school have a road-worthy bicycle and know the Road Code.  Approved helmets must be worn.  We recommend that children under the age of nine be accompanied by an adult (over 18 years).  Police recommend children be nine or older before using the road.  Cyclists wheel their bicycles in and out of the school grounds and in front of the school fence. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure bicycles are locked in the racks provided.

Educational And Related Services

The school maintains contact with and utilises where necessary a variety of outside specialised agencies as appropriate to the welfare and learning of children. These include:
  • Canterbury Health Services
  • Children and Young Persons and their Families
  • Group Special Education
  • Ministry of Education
  • Speech Language Therapist
  • NZ Police
  • Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour
  • University of Canterbury
  • Presbyterian Support Services- Social Worker in Schools
  • Public Health Nurse
  • Sport Mid Canterbury
  • Ashburton Public Library

Enrolment Zone

Ashburton Netherby School does not have an enrolment zone, so we are therefore able to accept enrolments from throughout Mid Canterbury. Please check with Mid Canterbury School Transport for bus eligibility.